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The Thurgood Marshall Law Library of The University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law has put together an Agriculture Law Library Guide. The guide links to the vast resources of the University of Maryland Library System, including links to books, case law, and statutes, as well as leading agriculture law organizations and materials. If you are an attorney or working with one, this guide can help you find the resources you need to solve problems.

The Environmental Law Clinic of The University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law has compiled the following useful links:

General Environmental Compliance Resources and Services for Farmers

  1. MDA, A Farmer’s Guide to Environmental Permits
  2. Programs and Services
    1. Maryland Agricultural Water Quality Cost-Share Program
    2. Manure Transport Program
    3. Manure Matching Service
    4. Maryland Farm Stewardship Certification and Assessment Program
    5. Agriculture Conflict Resolution Service

Animal Feeding Operations

  1. Guides and Fact Sheets
    1. MDE, Animal Feeding Operations Permitting Process Frequently Asked Questions
    2. MDE, Animal Feeding Operations Size Chart
    3. Guidance in the Determination of AFO No-Land/Land Status 
    4. More resources and information on AFOs
  2. Forms
    1. MDE, Nutrient Land Application Log Sheet
    2. MDE, Weekly Storage and Containment Structure Inspections Log Sheet
    3. MDE, Weekly Wastewater Facilities Inspections Log Sheet
    4. MDE, Documentation for All Manure, Litter, and Wastewater Storage Structures
    5. MDE, Manure Application Equipment Inspection Record
    6. MDE, Manure, Litter, and Process Wastewater Transfer Record Form
    7. MDE, Water Line Inspection Log
  3. Permits
    1. MDE, Notice of Intent: General Discharge Permit for Animal Feeding Operations
    2. MDE, General Discharge Permit for Animal Feeding Operations
  4. Contacts
    1. MDE, Animal Feedings Operations Program

Nutrient Management

    1. Guides and Fact Sheets
      1. MDA, Nutrient Management Manual
      2. MDA, Step Into Compliance Checklist
      3. MDA, Plan Implementation Review Process
      4. Poultry Operation Record Keeping Guide
      5. Changes to Nutrient Application Requirements ( Nutrient Management Manual)
    1. Forms
      1. MDA, Annual Implementation Reporting Forms and Instructions
      2. MDA, New Nutrient Management Plan Reporting Form
      3. MDA, Field by Field Nutrient Application Record
      4. MDA, Manure Management Record Keeping Sheet
      5. UME, Field Management Records Booklet (ordering instructions)
    1. Regulations and Permits
      1. Agriculture Operation Nutrient Management Plan Requirements
      2. Content and Criteria for a Nutrient Management Plan Developed for an Agricultural Operation
      3. Nutrient and Commercial Fertilizer Application Requirements for Agricultural Land
    1. Contacts
      1. MDA Nutrient Management Program Contacts
      2. List of Certified Nutrient Management Consultants
      3. Soil Test Labs
      4. UME Nutrient Management Advisors
      5. Maryland Soil Conservation Districts
  1. Training
    1. MDA, Maryland Farmer Training & Certification Program
    2. MDA, Nutrient Management Training
  2. PMT
    1. The Agricultural Phosphorus Initiative
    2. PMT Plan Writing Guidance