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ALEI AREC Team to Attend Agricultural Conference in Scotland

By Sarah Fielder

ALEI Legal Specialist Paul Goeringer and Faculty Specialist Mayhah Suri will attend the 21st International Farm Management Association’s (IFMA) Congress in the City of Edinburgh, Scotland July 2-7, 2017.

The conference, with a focus on future farming systems, will provide an opportunity to learn about farm management and how extension education operates in Scotland, as compared with the University of Maryland, according to Suri.

“I decided to attend as an opportunity to highlight the innovative research that was done by Terry Griffin, Kansas State, Ashley Ellixson, formerly with AREC, and myself on legal issues related to farm data,” said Goeringer. “It’s a developing area around the world and trying to get farm management folks to start thinking about this issue in their own countries is a big deal.”

Both Goeringer and Suri will present at the event. Goeringer will speak about legal issues associated with farm data. Suri’s presentation includes a poster describing a multi-partner community supported agriculture project, detailing procedure, results, and conclusions.

“I am looking forward to learning more about agriculture in a different country and meeting people engaged in the same work as me but with different cultural and societal values,” said Suri. “And I hope to see some Highland cows!”

The conference is also an opportunity for ALEI staff to network with people from around the globe, as well as to receive feedback on presentations.

Most of the presentations will take place Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the John McIntyre Conference Center, while visits to farms and other locations will take place Tuesday and Thursday.

The IFMA congress, organized by the Institute of Agricultural Management and Scotland’s Royal College, includes a pre- and post-conference tour.

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