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Agritourism involves people visiting an agricultural operation for recreational purposes. Learn about the different legal issues that should be considered when starting an agritourism business.

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Business Entities:

Business entities involve the setup of agricultural businesses. These videos explain the different business structures utilized in Maryland agriculture.

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Contracts are one way of creating an agreement between people. Learn how to write and use contracts to protect your farm and manage risk.

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The agricultural community has had to quickly adapt to the legal and other impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The ALEI team has been working to develop resources to help address some of these issues.

H-2A Visa Worker Program & COVID-19 (53:52) by Sarah Everhart, Nicholas Fiorello, Bryen Blecher, Carlos Turcios. May  2020.

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Farmland Leasing:

Farmland is crucial to agriculture, yet leasing land can be complex. Learn more about the leasing process and various leasing situations.

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Farm Succession Planning:

Food Safety and the Food Safety Modernization Act:

The Food Safety Modernization Act significantly changes how the federal government handles foodborne illness with important consequences for farmer practices. Learn what these changes are and how they may impact your farm.

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Learn how to protect your property by understanding your land and your legal rights and limitations.

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Videos explaining laws and regulations associated with fulltime workers, seasonal workers, and interns.

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Legal System:

Videos explaining statutes, regulations, and court rulings, all of which are forms of law.

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Liability describes who is responsible for the cost of loss or injury in certain situations. Learn how liability can affect your farm operation and how to manage your risk.

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Livestock Management:

Livestock management can be impacted by many types of laws, including animal health and welfare, feed directives, and business practice laws.

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Water Law:

Explanations of Maryland’s Ag Water Law and discharge permits.

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