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Appendix 1

Organizations Contacted by ALEI to Participate in the Structured Interviews

1.      Maryland Department of Agriculture

2.      Maryland Department of the Environment

3.      Maryland Aquaculture Advisory Committee

4.      Department of Natural Resources

5.      Maryland Beef Industry Council

6.      Maryland Cattle Organization

7.      Maryland Department of Natural Resources

8.      Delmarva Poultry Industry Association

9.      Farm Bureau Women

10.  Future Harvest – Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture (CASA)

11.  Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Association

12.  Maryland Agriculture Council

13.  Maryland Christmas Tree Association

14.  Maryland Crop Improvement Association

15.  Maryland Farm Bureau

16.  Maryland Grain Producers Association

17.  Maryland Grape Growers Association

18.  Maryland Organic Food and Farming Association

19.  Maryland Pork Producers Association

20.  Maryland State Beekeepers Association

21.  Maryland Vegetable Growers Association

22.  Mid-Atlantic Soybean Association

23.  Young Farmers of the Maryland Farm Bureau

24.  Victor Laws III

25.  Eastern Shore Land Conservancy

26.  Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation Foundation

27.  Chesapeake Bay Foundation

28.  Maryland Association of Counties

Maryland Watermen’s Association