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Paul Goeringer Appointed Board Member of MARBIDCO

Paul Goeringer by Edwin Remsberg

By Marta L. Manzano

Extension Legal Specialist Paul Goeringer has been appointed by Governor Hogan to serve as a board member of the Maryland Agricultural & Resource-Based Industry Development Corporation (MARBIDCO). MARBIDCO is an economic development organization chartered by the State of Maryland. The mission of MARBIDCO is to help (for the most part) small and family-owned businesses in the farm, forestry, and seafood industry. To learn more about MARBIDCO’s work and resources, visit https://www.marbidco.org/index.html.

Goeringer will serve a minimum of four years as a Board of Directors Member starting in July 2020. In this role, he will be involved in board meetings, voting on new MARBIDCO programs and policy changes as well as attending agricultural events. Goeringer was selected by MARBICO’s Executive Director, Stephen McHenry, as a member to replace Dr. Howard Leathers, Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics at the University of Maryland College Park.  Goeringer was chosen for this role for his legal and agricultural expertise, which will bring a different and unique lens.

Goeringer is excited to take on this new role as he believes it will be a magnificent opportunity to assist the MARBIDCO in the creation of new programs that aid Maryland farmers.  Goeringer praises MARBIDCO for its heavy involvement in assisting new farmers in Maryland throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, which he believes shows its dedication and commitment to the community. Goeringer’s participation as a board will highlight the commitment of ALEI and the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics at the University of Maryland to helping new farmers to the industry by providing feedback on how they would benefit from MARBIDCO’s programs. “This will be a great opportunity to network with other board members to foster new working relationships to create more resources for Maryland’s agricultural industry,” said Goeringer.


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