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Headshot of Mayhah Suri

Mayhah R. Suri

Faculty Extension Specialist

University of Maryland, College Park

Telephone: 301-405-9576

Email: msuri1@umd.edu




Education: B.S. Environmental Science and Policy, University of Maryland

Areas of Interest: Environmental impact of agriculture and how environmental practices can enhance environmental protection

Mayhah Suri has previously worked at the Maryland Department of Agriculture, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and a variety of environmentally-focused non-profit organizations in the Washington, D.C. area. At ALEI,  Mayhah writes on topical publications, such as a farm brewery guide, community-supported agriculture, and other issues farmers are interested in learning about. She also supports the work of the legal specialists through research assistance and helping to manage the risk management blog. Outside of work, she is also a lifelong dancer and avid traveler.

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